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3 Massive Mistakes that Children of Aging Parents Make that Keep Them Frustrated, Fretting, and Fighting with the Family Members. Learn more about the Relational Peace Process.


When you’re ready to step beyond the hurt, the anger, the misunderstandings and the overwhelming pain. Let me help you figure out how to care for your parents, yourselves, and each other.

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From caregivers to the elderly, Leaving Legacies was designed to bring generations together through unique storytelling and heartwarming memories. New Podcasts coming soon!

What is Legendary Wisdoms?
About Annette Pang

ANNETTE PANG brings hope to families torn apart by the enormous emotional and physical challenges of providing care for their ill and dying loved ones. With her 1 on 1 coaching and step-by-step programs, families learn skills to heal their past and current situations. Clients call Annette the Forgiving Family Fumigator, because her solutions zap pesky family feuds, turning family burdens into sweeter relationships. Using her methods, clients bring about their own relief by learning how to exterminate creepy bugaboos, confusion and complaints that bite and sting family relationships.

Even though her clients live around the world (USA, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan) their predicaments, sorrow and concerns are the same. Annette perfected her simple, caring yet practical approach to family counseling during her career as co-owner of two sought-after Hawaiʻi Adult Residential Care Homes (ARCH II) in Mānoa. With her husband and son Todd Pang, Sr. Vice President of Living Manoa and Caring Manoa, and his staff have been creating peaceful and humane end-of-life experiences for elders and their families since 2001. In 2015, she began speaking at public libraries and community centers across Oʻahu. Through her popular workshops, over 400 family caregivers have learned tips and skills to prepare for their loved one’s peaceful farewell.

If you know caregivers who are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders, who feel stuck and frustrated or are fighting with siblings, reach for the phone and call Annette. She quickly analyzes the situation and recommends tips to unravel problems ranging from estate finances and sibling rivalry to deciding future care scenarios. Her practical advice and game plans turn blues into bliss. Her clients also commit to a self-preservation program to increase peace of mind and find new hope and courage after the initial storm passes.

Families deserve the best practices so they can live and die without regrets. No one should suffer alone in silence. Annette offers a gift on her website so that people can get tips to solve conflicts instead of denying or escaping them. Download: Peaceful Caregiving Tips

When Annette is not coaching, she and her husband of 45 years are traveling, recently to Singapore where they welcomed the birth of their third grandchild. Annette relieves stress by meditating, tapping, playing Sudoku, and stirring poi. She is a wannabe singer – publicly belting out Sound of Music songs on a tour bus in Salzburg. She is also writing a book, Live and Die Without Regret: A Method For Celebrating Aging With Joy Instead Of Family Arguments.



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