About Annette Pang

Annette Pang is passionate about achieving an ideal interaction between an aging seniors and their family before they leave us.

She developed a sequential path where she offers 10 Family Relationship Coaching Modules for Families in need of relationship help and advice. Annette’s 20+ years of experience with seniors and their families has helped her design these amazing solutions to help families build strong relationships and heal broken wounds.

Today, Annette has paved the way for seniors and their families to honor each other through journals, as well as through Family Relationship Coaching. While journals harvest wonderful morsels of detail and keepsakes for generations, coaching opens pathways to raise awareness, to bring hope and peace, and to display how the elders wish to convey their life meaning and purposes to their family. Through this interaction of a very rich inheritance is an opportunity for exponential growth for all parties.

Annette Pang - Family Relationship Coach

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"Annette's approach to the delicate relationship between my mother and I was second to none. I have tried many times over the past 10 years to reconnect with my mother, but she is always so brief and wants nothing to do with me. Since I started working with Annette, my mom will now talk with me and allow me to come see her. I can't thank Annette enough for how she has changed my life and helped me reconnect with my mother."

− 65 Year Old Women

"It had been over 5 years since I had talked to my mother of 89 years and I was worried that I wouldn't never get any last words. This is when I met Annette Pang, who worked miracles for me by helping me re-kindle my relationship with my mother."

− 71 Year Old Daughter
Relational Peace Processes

6 Modules – 6 Months

Blueprint of WE Process

Highlight strengths and redirect weaknesses so each family member feels genuinely ok with his or her own diverse and special ways to support. The WE document boosts relationships and agreements between individuals and groups to steer away from assumptions, eruptions and splitting up.

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Team Huddle Process

Plot, log and share shifts and responsibilities for elder care shopping, cooking, cleaning, de-cluttering, errands, talking, playing and delegating tasks.

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Keepsake Journal Process

Coax elders to speak their hearts and share their legacies in Treasured Senior Stories. Hear their laughter, secrets and heal regrets, while honoring their last wishes, and preserving their Legendary Wisdoms in journals and Elders’ Red Carpet Oscar Moment, before it’s too late.

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Money Peace Process

Examine Finances & Long Range Estate Plans, Assets and Liabilities to review all systems with harmony and understanding, based on elders’ desire to share their purpose, preferences for caregiving and burial, inheritance, and distribution.

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ElderCare GPS Process

Assess outside options (homes, respite, day care, case managers, geriatric teams, assisted living, nursing homes. etc.) to match with loved ones’ needs and budget.

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Nutrition Nourishing Process

Learn delicious recipes to maintain weight and muscle mass with yummy food for body, mind and soul.

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Brain Boost Process

Increase elders’ brain wave and cell elasticity and flexibility to energize, gracefully co-exist with illnesses, diseases, disabilities, and lever pain and stress, via relaxing meditation, energy dances, and ABC activities. (Arts Brainteasers and Crafts)

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Burnout to Bliss Process

Caregivers’ Self Care to uphold your own balance, harmony and reinvigorated spirit through exercise, breathing, stretching, tapping and energy dances in order to excel through challenges ahead.

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Final Moments Process

Share Bedside Manners and open your hearts, overflowing with thanks, love, prayer, forgiveness and inner voices, to usher glorious celebrations and goodbyes for your loved ones.

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Family Honor Role Process

Carve Out New Family Roles to embrace aging with grace, humor and creativity. Earn advanced degrees to support each other with sincere friendships. Extend loved ones’ legacies rather than misinterpret, separate and crush their wishes. This family relationship coaching package is focused on bringing your family closer together and teaching them how to work as a TEAM.

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