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You and your siblings CAN care for your parents and yourselves without fighting, resentment or relationship-killing rifts.

Learn the Three Family-Killing mistakes and how you can avoid them.

During this workshop, you’ll discover:

  • What you’ve carried into adulthood from your childhood that’s no longer appropriate and why changing this thing will help you communicate better with your siblings
  • The Five Essential Plans you must be making RIGHT NOW if you want to reduce your stress and keep the peace…
  • The First Step you can take TODAY to repair or solidify the relationships with your siblings and I’ll give you the tools you can use to make it happen!
  • One thing you can do moving forward that will help you continue to meet each situation with calm and optimism so that your family will continue to grow closer and heal together
  • The Biggest Regret that most of my clients have and how you can avoid this
  • Multiple other Relationship Building Processes during of our 3-hours together!

See What Others Are Saying

"Annette's approach to the delicate relationship between my mother and I was second to none. I have tried many times over the past 10 years to reconnect with my mother, but she is always so brief and wants nothing to do with me. Since I started working with Annette, my mom will now talk with me and allow me to come see her. I can't thank Annette enough for how she has changed my life and helped me reconnect with my mother."

− 65 Year Old Women

"It had been over 5 years since I had talked to my mother of 89 years and I was worried that I wouldn't never get any last words. This is when I met Annette Pang, who worked miracles for me by helping me re-kindle my relationship with my mother."

− 71 Year Old Daughter
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